Macbook Pro Frozen During App Store Download

Posted : admin On 11/24/2021

I have a MacBook Pro and an iMac. I successfully installed Sierra on my MacBook Pro and had it up and running just fine. I decided to do a clean install on my iMac two days ago and started it up from Recovery Mode, erased the hard drive, and attempted to install a new system. Right from the start the process didn't seem to be going anyhere and eventually gave me a dialogue saying the download failed. I tried doing it over again several times over the last two days with the same result each time.

My MacPro froze up during the 10.11.6 update with 'less than a minute remaining' for more than an hour. Powered off & restarted in Safe Mode. Once that occurred, the MacPro had been updated! I did not have to download & install the Combo Update. Many thanks to macjack!! Question: Q: Frozen Screen MacBook Pro MacBook Pro: In trying to force quit the sceen went white, then black, then gray and the power is still on.

I did some research and discovered how to create a bootable installer for Sierra and thought this might work.

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So I went to my fully functional MacBook Pro and followed the steps to format a flash drive and download the installer.

Macbook Pro Frozen During App Store Download

Macbook Pro Frozen Screen

However, when I tried to download the installer from the Mac App Store I had the same problem as the download grinded away for awhile and eventually gave me an error message of failure.

So at this moment I am stuck with a iMac with an empty drive waiting to install Mac OS Sierra which will not download in either recovery mode or from the Mac App Store.


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Help! Any ideas?

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