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Posted : admin On 11/23/2021
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How to Install Kodi For Mac- Latest Version [V 17.3]:

Kodi App Download

Download the latest version of Kodi for Mac from here, available as a disk image. Open the Kodi disk image (if it doesn’t open automatically – it will if downloaded via Safari). Drag the Kodi icon.

Kodi For Mac- latest Version V 17.3 Krypton: This article is going to tell you “How to download and install Latest Version Kodi for Mac“. When it comes to installing software different platforms, installing software on Mac OS is quite Easy compared to other Platforms. Hence this article will be very easy and at the end of the article, you will have Kodi for mac on your Mac PC. We have listed the method to download and install Kodi for Mac using easy steps and Image representation for your Better understanding. Kindly Scroll down Friends and let us get to know how to use Kodi for Mac PC.

  1. Step 5: Once the download gets completed, then open the Kodi disk image file and Drag the Kodi icon into the applications folder to install the Kodi on your Mac. How to Install Kodi on Mac Step 6: Open Kodi, the first time you open the app, you will get the security warning, based on your Mac Gatekeeper settings.
  2. Kodi can be easily installed to any Mac computer in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is download the Kodi for Mac application and then drag it onto your computer. You’ll find the Kodi interface to be the exact same on every platform, so running Kodi on your Mac will look identical to any other Kodi device you may have previously used.
  3. Download the latest version of Kodi for Mac - Powerful media center tool for Mac or Apple TV (was XBMC). Read 141 user reviews of Kodi on MacUpdate.

Download and Install Kodi Player for Mac OS:

Kodi is a Server Media Player that enables users to stream all types of Multi-Media Contents such as pictures, movies, Videos, online TV shows and more. Kodi was Formerly called as XBMC. Kodi is available for various Platforms such as Windows, Mac, ios, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Android. Installing the Kodi for Mac will be the first step of our tutorial. But Nowadays users are getting a doubt whether “is Kodi Safe for Mac”. Hence we will explain the things about “is Kodi Safe for Mac and right away we will get into the article.

Table of Contents for Kodi for MAC:

Is Kodi Safe for Mac- Here is the Answer:

Friends, the answer to your Question “is Kodi Safe for Mac” is yes. Kodi Player is legal and safe. Kodi is safe for Mac and Kodi is safe for Windows, Kodi is safe for ios, Kodi is safe for Android and Kodi Player is safe for Raspberry Pi. But We should be careful in installing the addons of Kodi. You might get into any kind of legal trouble if you are using unauthorized Third party addon on your Kodi player. Unless you don’t use such kind of addons, then Kodi is safe for Mac. Now we hope you got the answer for “is Kodi safe for mac” and it is yes until you use any kind of unauthorized addons.


Install Kodi for Mac- Latest Version Easy Install Steps:

Let us get into the article directly Friends. This tutorial will help you to download the Latest Version kodi Player V 17.3 Krypton on Mac. The First Step involved in this is that We have to Download the Kodi Player in your Mac operated System.

  • kindly get Kodi for Mac from Official Kodi from Official Kodi Page.
  • Once you choose the Operating system as Mac, a pop up will show up and will ask you to choose the type of release you want.
  • There are two types of latest releases in Kodi for Mac. One is Release and other is Nightly. Both are for 64 bit. Choose the type you wish.
  • Once you choose the type then you will be redirected to another download page where the software will get downloaded automatically.
  • Once Kodi is downloaded then Kindly install it on your system. The Download will take some time and hence kindly be patient.
  • The Next step is to install the software on your Mac operated PC. Once the software is installed on your PC then kindly restart your Mac PC.
  • You might get a Warning message from Gatekeeper stating a Warning. But there is no problem. This is an official Kodi and you are downloading the official Kodi form their official Home Page.Kindly Ignore that warning.
  • You can Permanently ignore this warning by going to System Preference—–>Security and Privacy—->Allow Applications Downloaded From—->Anywhere.
  • Drag and drop your Kodi to the Applications Folder in your Mac Desktop. That is it. Once the above step is done then the Kodi Application is ready for use.
  • This is the Official Method to Download and install Kodi on MAC PC or Laptop as we download the Kodi software from their Official Website.
Kodi download macbook pro

Kodi For Macbook Pro Download

Kodi Macbook Pro Download

Kodi Player for Mac and its Addons:


Kodi Player provides several Application Programming Interface to allow third parties to create Addons for Kodi Player which is one of the advantages of Kodi Player. There are a lot of addons available for Streaming Multimedia contents such as Audio, Video, Online movies, online TV channels, Weather forecasts and more. Kodi Comes with an Addon Manager through which you can search for the addons There are a lot of addons available for Kodi and it reaches nearly one thousand in number. The famous category of addons include Game addons, Album information, Artist information, Movie information, music and video information, TV information, GUI sounds, Images collection, Languages, Screensavers, Skins, Lyrics, Music addons, Picture addons, Program addons, Video addons, Weather addons and more. Kodi for Mac is really a must software on your MAC PC.

Kodi Player Mac and its Advantages:

  • Kodi is such an interesting player that makes users really crazy with its improved functionalities. Kodi offers a wide range of facilities to stream different types of multimedia contents such as Pictures, audio, video, TV shows, News channels, Movies and more and more.
  • You can customize your Kodi Player with a lot of themes and Skins. Change your Kodi Looks everyday and rock your circle.
  • Kodi player allows you to access Web and hence you can watch multimedia contents available on internet also.
  • The main and most important advantage of Kodi Player is that it supports a wide range of Formats such as Physical Digital Media, Network Protocol Clients, Network Protocol servers, Container formats, Video Formats, Audio Formats, Digital Pictures, Subtitle Formats and Metadata tags.

Download Kodi for Mac and Other Platforms:

Download Kodi For Free

As we said in the above paragraph, Kodi is available for different Platforms such as Windows, Android, ios, Kodi for Mac, Raspberry and more. Click the following links to download and install the latest version V 17.3 krypton on your Kodi Player.

  • Download Kodi Player Windows
  • Download and Install Kodi Android
  • Install Kodi for Linux
  • Kodi Player download for Raspberry Pi
  • Kodi Player for ios

Kodi Free Download For Macbook Pro

Article Conclusion:

Friends, we hope you are satisfied with our Article on Kodi for Mac Powered PC. We have provided the possible ways to download and install Kodi Player on your Mac PC and we have added a lot of additional information such as “is Kodi safe for Mac”, Advantages of Mac, Kodi player, and its addons. If you have any query or if you face any problem in installing the Kodi player on your Mac then kindly comment us and we will revert with a solution. Have a Great Day Friends.