Free Macbook Exotic Wagering Calculator Download

Posted : admin On 11/24/2021
Exotic Wager Calculator computes the total number of combinations and total cost of placing a bet on a single, box or multi selection Superfecta-4, Trifecta, Exacta and Quinella bet type.

The Exotic Wager Calculator easily computes the cost of Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Pick 3, Pick 4. Pick 6 and High-5 tickets. It is a real time saver and a big help in deciding how many horses you want to use in the Exoctic wagers. To get your FREE copy of our Exotic Wager Calculator just fill in the form below. Exotic Wager Calculator free download. Get the latest version now. Exotic Wager Calculator computes the total number of combinations and total cost. Horse Wager Calculator free download - Moffsoft Calculator, Simple Calculator, Virtual Horse Racing Game, and many more programs. One is the punters improved ability to perform advanced calculations before and when placing a wager on horse racing betting and the other is the increased traffic of punters wagering online who were looking for horse racing calculator downloads and landed in sites offering these very horse racing calculator downloads, some for free some with.

Example: What will be the total cost of placing a bet on a superfecta-4, where any of the runners 3, 6, 8, 9 can win, any of the runners 8, 9, 11, 16, 17, 23 can come second, any of the runners 4, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17, 18, 23 can come third and any of the runners 4, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 23 can come fourth? By using the Exotic Wager Calculator you will quickly find that the total cost of placing a bet at 2 units (i.e. $2 bet amount) will be $3528.00.
The 'readme.html' file included in the zip contains a detailed user manual describing each bet type and how to use the calculator to find the cost of every possible combination!
Listed below are some of the bet types supported:
  • Superfecta-4
    • Multiple Superfecta
    • Box Superfecta
    • Superfecta Key
    • Standout Superfecta
    • Superfecta key wheel
  • First 4
    • Box First 4
    • Multiple First 4
    • Standout First 4
  • Quartet
    • Single Quartet
    • Multiple Quartet
    • Allways Quartet
    • Box Quartet
  • Trifecta
    • Single Trifecta
    • Multiple Trifecta
    • Allways Trifecta
    • Box Trifecta
    • Standout Trifecta
    • Trifecta key wheel
    • Trifecta part wheel
  • Exacta
    • Single Exacta
    • Multiple Exacta
    • Allways Exacta
    • Box Exacta
    • Exacta Wheel
    • Standout Exacta
  • Quinella
    • Single Quinella
    • Multiple Quinella
    • Leg-In Quinella
  • Perfecta

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Free Exotic Horse Betting Calculator

Revolutionize the way you bet. No, seriously. A sports bet tracker is the simple, but essential tool to maximizing your potential on the betting market. This useful, preforumulated Excel spreadsheet, will help you manage your wagers, by keeping track of what comes in and what comes out, and letting you know where you’re slipping up.

Click this link to get The Puck Line’s sports tracker, and read on for our guide on how to make the most of it.

Why use a sports betting tracker?

The sports bet tracker is an simple, but great way to handle your bets and chart your successes and failures. With statistical analysis and performance graphs of your wagers, using it will give you a complete and comprehensive overview of your betting history.

It is especially useful for players with multiple accounts, as you’ll be able to follow each bet placed with various bookmakers.

And when it comes to the maths, the hard work is already done. The in-built Excel formulas avoid any calculations whatsoever.

Here’s what you’ll be able to calculate:

  • Money available in each of your accounts
  • Total earnings / losses
  • The most profitable bet types
  • Your potential earnings

The sports betting spreadsheet is free to use, click the link above to download. It opens with Microsoft Office Excel software and is compatible with either Mac or PC.

Using the sports bet tracker

Free Macbook Exotic Wagering Calculator Downloads


The Excel spreadsheet is made of 6 layers. You can move between the sheets by clicking on the tabs along the bottom.

Free Macbook Exotic Wagering Calculator Download

Green tabs are where you enter your data. Blues ones are for generating your betting stats.

Free Macbook Exotic Wagering Calculator Download Windows 10

When you enter your data, be careful to keep to the existing data format. When you download the spreadsheet, there are preset examples to guide you. Have a look of how the system works, before entering your data in the same way. Remember to remove all pre-existing entries so that your subsequent results are accurate.

Note: the betting management file is unprotected. You can enter your data freely. If you have any problems, click “Review” and then “Remove the sheet from the protection”.

When you’re entering your data, don’t delete a column or a tab (even if they don’t apply to you) as this can affect the formulas and results.

The settings tab is where all your betting results will stem from. Entering the maximum amount of information is essential for accurately calculating your winnings.

Be it NHL, fantasy sports or NASCAR – you can completely personalize the sports bet tracker. You can include:

  • Your bookmakers
  • Sports you wager on
  • Types of bets, placed or future (optional).


This section will tell you which is your most successful bet type. E.G. single or handicap bets. However, if you don’t want to specify, enter “to score” for any type of bet.

You can also keep an eye on open bets. Useful for Cash Out fans can utilize this when accumulator bets don’t go their way.

The example shows both the required information (bookmaker & sport) and optional (team/player, bet type, event, in play, and result).

Deposits and Withdrawals

By using the excel betting spreadsheet, it’s easy to see exactly how much you are winning and losing. Something we all like to know…

The Deposits & Withdrawals tab avoids miscalculations, overspending, and how much your winnings are.

For a deposit, enter the amount normally (e.g 100). To withdraw, add the minus sign before the amount (eg -100). Note: $ sign will appear automatically after you type your amount and press enter.

Withdrawals will automatically appear in red.

Available Funds

This is how to keep track of your credit levels with each bookmaker, showing the exact balance in each account.

So, if you want to make a quick in-play wager you won’t have to waste time making a deposit, or wasting additional funds.

The amounts are automatically calculated by data from “Deposits & withdrawals” and “Bets”. The list of bookmakers comes from “Settings”.


Horse Wagering Calculator

Now you can see why it’s super important to be accurate when you first enter your data!

Note: Free bets and bonuses are included as available funds.

Overall Performance

Here’s where you review your performance by bet type and/or sport.

Free Macbook Exotic Wagering Calculator Download Online

From this tab you’ll get an understanding of:

  • Your best / weakest sports
  • Most profitable betting type
  • Stronger at pre-match or in-play betting
  • If you making profits

You’re ready to download…

Exotic Betting Calculator

Head back to the top of the page to download your personal copy of the The Puck Line’s sports bet tracker.

It’s great fun to have the latest, coolest betting trackers, but it’s also essential to have good players. Check out the 5 must have players for your fantasy football team!