Free Download Pdf To Jpeg Snipping Tool For Macbook Pro

Posted : admin On 11/24/2021

Convert PDF to JPG image files for free

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How to convert PDF to JPG

On a new computer with Windows 10, the snipping tool's default is to save as a png file. I save all my snips as jpg files. It is a pain to have to change each one I save. Is there a way to change the default to save as jpg. I have looked to try to change the default settings, but snipping tool is not on that list. Download Free Snipping Tool for Windows to create snips, save them on Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, or even send WebRequests. Free Snipping Tool has had 0 updates within the past 6 months.

Add a file that you want to convert from PDF to JPG to the 'box' above (drag and drop it or use 'Add file' button), select the quality of the conversion (Low, Medium, or High), and press 'Convert PDF' button. Download either a single JPG or archive with images when the conversion is done.

Convert PDF to JPG safely

PDF to JPG online converter by PDF Candy is a trustworthy PDF conversion tool that guarantees complete security of the uploaded PDF files; we do not store them. Thus, the contents of your documents along with your personal privacy are protected.

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Enjoy this PDF to JPG converter at its fullest: there are no annoying ads, no misleading content, no need to create an account, no sign-up, and no fees for the services. GUI of the tool is designed in such a way that you can convert PDF to JPG easily in four clicks!

More tools:

The Internet is filled with various tools to take webpage screenshots on Windows. While searching for the best tool, we have come across the tool called Fireshot. Despite the lack of screen recording ability, Fireshot provides many advanced features that you can’t see on other tools. It comes with an in-built image editor, where you can edit the screenshot as soon as it was taken. It also supports other editing images that are stored locally on your device. Users who are looking for Snipping Tool alternatives can make use of this tool to fulfill their requirements.

Fireshot Pro

Free Download Pdf To Jpeg Snipping Tool For Macbook Pro 2017

Fireshot is available in two variants: free and pro variant. Even though the lite or free version is more than enough to fulfill the basic screenshot requirements, you need to unlock the premium version for various advanced features. Here are some of the major highlights of the Fireshot Pro version:

Snipping Tool For Mac

  • Upload your screenshots on Flickr, ImageShack, FTP servers, HTTP servers, and Twitter.
  • Capture long webpages and save them directly as a PDF file.
  • Add watermark, numbers, headers, footers, annotations, and more.
  • To store the screenshot in different formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and PDF. It also supports copying the screenshot to the clipboard.
  • To share screenshots through E-mail directly.

While writing this guide, the developer has offered a 33% discount on the lifetime edition of Fireshot. It costs $39.95. Apart from the lifetime version, they don’t provide any monthly or annual plans.

Free Download Pdf To Jpeg Snipping Tool For Macbook Pro 15

Supported Browsers

When it comes to compatibility, both versions of Fireshot (Free & Premium) support all kinds of popular web browsers you can imagine. Here are the supported web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Chromium
  • Pale Moon
  • Yandex
  • Vivaldi
  • Tor
  • Internet Explorer

If you have bought the Fireshot Pro version, you can download it on Chromium-based web browsers like Brave browser, Comodo Dragon and SeaMonkey.

How to Download and Use Fireshot

The free versions of Fireshot can be downloaded directly from your browser’s extension store or addon store. If you purchased the premium version, a key would be sent to you through E-mail. Copy the key and paste it on this Fireshot support page. Click Download and then install the Pro version.

You can also unlock the premium version directly on the free tool that you installed on the browser. Tap the extension that you downloaded and select Switch to Pro. Now, click the extension again and then choose Miscellaneous >Enter license info.

Enter your product key & owner name without any error and click Ok. After unlocking the premium version, you can start using the extension to take screenshots.

Tapping on the extension will provide options to capture the entire page, the visible part, particular element, browser window, and all tab. Upon selecting your mode, Fireshot will prompt you to select an action that needs to be done after taking the screenshot. It will display nine different options like Edit, Save, Save as PDF, Send to OneNote, Upload, Print, Copy to Clipboard, E-Mail, and Open in External Editor. Select your preferred action and then take the screenshots.

Snipping Tool Free Download

Another advantage of the Fireshot tool is that its image editor provides a lot of tools to customize the screenshot.

  1. Resize (CTRL + ALT + I) – To change the dimensions of the screenshot
  2. Crop (CTRL + ALT + T) – To crop the screenshot
  3. Select (ALT + 1) – To select the required section of the image either in Rectangle shape or eclipse shape
  4. Drawing (ALT + 4) – To draw a free form shape or text on the image
  5. Pointer (ALT + 5) – To point out the important information on the screen
  6. Text (ALT + 6) – To add text on the screenshot
  7. Image (ALT + 7) – To add images that are locally stored on your computer

Apart from these editing tools, the editor also provides basic options like Undo/Redo, Save, Open, Copy, Mail, Export, and Print.


Free Download Pdf To Jpeg Snipping Tool For Macbook Pro

Despite having so many advantages, Fireshot also has few drawbacks:

  • As it is also available as a premium tool, most users will expect screen recording ability. The feature that you can find on Awesome Screenshot and Nimbus Screenshot.
  • Even though it supports different browsers, the Fireshot Pro version is only downloadable on Windows versions. Mac users can’t download this tool on their browsers.
  • For most of the users, it isn’t easy to purchase the lifetime version. It will be better if they provide annual and monthly plans.

Final Words

Should I download Fireshot? If you want a basic tool to take screenshots on web browsers, Fireshot will be the first choice you need to try. However, if you decided to purchase the premium version. In that case, you need to look out for other tools because the premium version lacks a few functionalities that you can find on other premium tools.