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Posted : admin On 11/24/2021

When you’re considering purchasing antivirus software for your MacBook Pro, you might ask yourself if you really need it. After all, aren’t Macs immune to viruses, malware, or other forms of digital threats? The answer to that question is “no.” MacBook Pros are indeed vulnerable to viruses, malware, and other risks in the digital landscape. Read on to learn how antivirus software can protect it.

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Macs (Including MacBook Pros) Are Hacker Targets

When Macs first came on the market, their install base was quite small. So, it wasn’t worth hackers’ time to create viruses for them. That’s changed. Macs (including MacBook Pros) are popular, and the number of Mac users is constantly growing.

Mac users still believe their computers can’t possibly be targeted because outside of security organizations, viruses for Macs don’t appear in the wild. That belief won’t protect them from security issues inherent in third-party apps that enable hackers to infiltrate their computers and steal vital information. Antivirus software protects Macs and the information stored on them from these attacks.

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Antivirus Offers More Than Just Mac Protection

There might not be that many viruses written for Macs. However, that doesn’t mean MacBook Pros are invulnerable to threats written for other platforms.

Your MacBook Pro could actually fall prey to a virus or malware written for a machine running Windows or Linux. Even if the threat won’t run on your computer because of the platform discrepancy, it still isn’t good for those programs to take up space on your computer.

Moreover, a threat intended for Windows or Linux that finds its way onto your MacBook Pro could use your computer as a way station to infect another computer. It could weasel its way into an email or onto a USB stick, and then wreak havoc on another system. Your friends, family, and coworkers with computers that run Linux and Windows definitely won’t appreciate it if you’re the one to give them a virus.

Built-in Security Isn’t Good Enough

Another reason that Mac users persist in believing that their computers won’t fall prey to viruses is because Apple builds in security programs to every device (including the MacBook Pro). However, that built-in security isn’t enough. Tests have shown Apple’s programming doesn’t protect against malware and other threats.

Free Antivirus Download For Macbook Pro

Your MacBook Pro was an investment. In order to keep it safe, you need the best antivirus for a MacBook Pro on the market.

You Are the Weakest Link

You may remember the TV show “The Weakest Link,” hosted by Ann Robinson. Her favorite phrase to say to losing contestants was, “You are the weakest link. Goodbye!”

Love or hate the show, Robinson’s catchphrase applies to computer security. Users (those with MacBook Pros) are only human. And as a result, they make errors that frequently jeopardize their computers’ safety.

Hackers rely on humans’ capacity for making mistakes. They’ve developed tricks such as social engineering and phishing to dupe unwitting computer users into downloading files that will harm their machines.

All it takes is one click on the wrong link or opening up an email with a suspicious attachment to download a file that will infect your MacBook Pro. Antivirus software can detect and repair threats, and it’s a set-and-forget software, so you don’t even have to think about it.

Antivirus Software Won’t Slow Down Your Computer

Free Antivirus Download For Macbook Pro Mac

One of the reasons MacBook Pro owners hesitate running antivirus software on their computers is because they’re worried it will slow them down. That’s the last thing they want, given as they’ve invested in a machine built for performance.

High-quality antivirus software won’t slow down your computer. Its goal is to run in the background unobtrusively, so you don’t notice it. Again, antivirus software protects your investment. You wouldn’t buy a Lamborghini without purchasing insurance, so don’t neglect to do so for your MacBook Pro.

When you purchase a MacBook Pro, you intend to use it for years. As such, you should take precautions to protect it from threats, such as running antivirus software. In the short and long term, you’ll be glad you did when your computer continues to run, regardless of what digital threats lurk online.

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MacBook Pro has long since enjoyed an upper hand when it comes to security than Windows PC. Interestingly, the dynamics are changing and cyber criminals are becoming increasingly advanced in their technologies. Consequently, this means MacBook Pros are no longer untouchable and it would be wise to provide them with extra layers of security.

Get 3 Licenses for $39.99

Even though MacBook Pros come with their own inbuilt security features such as Gatekeeper, Xprotect, and Malware removal tool, the level of attacks have become more complex rendering these tools insufficient to offer full protection.

The best antivirus for MacBook Pro is one which is able to detect viruses and malwares in the system and easily get rid of them. Such an antivirus, therefore, should have real-time updates of virus definitions regularly updated to help fight off new attacks. To achieve this, it should have an auto-containment feature that allows for unverified features to still be executed but be evaluated at the same time for their authenticity. This means that even the hardest-to-detect malware get extensive scrutiny before infecting the system. Comodo Antivirus successfully offers this.

Additionally, the best antivirus doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Neither should it be free. And Comodo Antivirus just has the perfect combination of everything. Full suite of protection, affordable rates, and most of all, real-time analysis. Icing on the cake? 100% virus warranty.

Antivirus for Macbook pro reviews

Nothing's more frustrating than buying an antivirus program and at the end of it all still get attacked, especially not when you have dug deep into your pockets for the presumably “premium” service.

Free Antivirus Download For Macbook Pro 10 11 6

The best antivirus for MacBook Pro is one that offers a full suite of protection. You don’t want halfway protection because then, what good is it if you still get attacked? Instead, go for an antivirus software that not only offers offline protection but also full-on internet security especially if you deal with cloud computing.

Free Antivirus Download For Macbook Pro Windows 7

Yes, there are tens of reviews of antivirus for MacBook pro users, but always contact the company to have them answer your questions. Comodo Antivirus, for instance, has a premium protection that offers 100% real time protection 100% of the time at extremely affordable rates. Not only do we have quality human analysis for the 5% cases where VirusScope is unable to return a verdict, we have 100% virus warranty that if your device gets infected on their watch, we’ll cover up to $500 of the repairs. If this is not the best deal, then what is? Get yourself protected.

Antivirus for MacBook Pro download

Virus protection for macbook air

Never go a day without extra protection if you own a MacBook Pro. People will have you believe that Macs are immune to viruses but that's not the case with the advanced technologies of the current cyber criminals. It would be unwise to put yourself at such risk relying on the inbuilt security systems of the MacBook especially if you deal with crucial information or data.

You can download the best antivirus for MacBook Pro and easily pay a small fee for all-year-round protection and cover up to 5 devices. This includes iPhones, Macbooks, and Android devices. When it comes to online security, there's nothing like too much security.

Download Comodo Antivirus Software

Comodo Antivirus has scooped the top position in the AV-TEST 2019 based on its usability and protection scores. This antivirus offers full time protection, has real-time updates, and quality human analysis to detect new definitions of virus as we occur. With their full suite of services that cover spyware, malware, bots, rootkits, adware, and even memory firewall, you're guaranteed maximum protection at a fraction of the average rate in the market. Subscribe now and be protected like a King!