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If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 100 alternatives to QuickTime Player and loads of them are available for Mac so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. Other interesting Mac alternatives to QuickTime Player are MPV (Free, Open Source), MPlayer (Free, Open Source), KMPlayer (Free) and IINA (Free, Open Source). You might use QuickTime Player on your Mac to watch movies, edit videos, or record your screen. And for the various tasks you can perform in this handy tool comes a bunch of keyboard shortcuts. For managing the app window, movie viewing and playback, and editing videos, here are the keyboard shortcuts for QuickTime Player on Mac you can use. QuickTime screen recording by default can only capture input audio sources, and capturing the computer’s output audio is not supported. There are tools for macOS that can create input devices from outgoing audio, essentially acting as an intermediate audio device, capturing audio output, and sending it both as an input signal and an output signal (see the MIDI control app that ships with. Now, if you’re eager to see what Elmedia Player PRO can do for you, head on over and download the free version and test it out for yourself. But, if you’re still determined to play AVI files in QuickTime Player and you want to stick it out, here is a solid option for you to try.

QuickTime is integrated with Mac OS X, and it was an optional component at install for earlier versions of Mac OS. Quicktime Features. Massive Cross-platform Platform - Available in both Mac and PC; Authoring, Delivery and Playback - QuickTime is the best platform providing the most complete solution.

I'm running Catalina on my MacBook Pro (2014). Everything works fine except QuickTime, which does not run properly. How can I remove QuickTime on my Mac? I tried taking it from the App folder and putting it in the trash but, I received this message, 'QuickTime Player' can't be deleted because it's required by macOS.' Any help would be appreciated?

Best Answer:Omni Remover is the best Mac App Uninstaller software that can uninstall QuickTime and all stubborn applications on macOS. Free Download

What Is QuickTime? QuickTime is an extensible multimedia framework developed by Apple, capable of handling various formats of digital video, picture, sound and panoramic images. First made in 1991, the latest Mac version, QuickTime X, is currently available on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and newer. Apple ceased support for the Windows version of QuickTime in 2016 ( App Can't Be Opened Because Apple Cannot Check It for Malicious Software.).

QuickTime for Microsoft Windows is downloadable as a standalone installation, but for macOS, QuickTime is bundled with the system and does NOT allow to get rid of. For whatever the reason you want to uninstall QuickTime on Mac, you can follow this quick tutorial to get started (Learn How To Uninstall Safari on Mac).

Table of Content:

Part 1: Pre-check List Before Uninstalling QuickTime on Mac Catalina

Be very careful that, if you're not an advanced Mac OS user and are not exactly sure what to do, we strongly advise you NOT to uninstall QuickTime from your Mac because it's a crucial part of macOS (Best Mac Cleaner 2020). Before starting removing QuickTime player, make sure you have checked the following reminders ( What Is Other On Mac Storage).

  • The reason you cannot uninstall QuickTime on Mac using the standard way is that Apple seeds QuickTime under Apple System Integrity Protection (SIP). It's an efficient way to prevent users from accidentally damaging the viability of the system.
  • Even if QuickTime can always be restored by downloading from the App Store, you still risk losing your QuickTime extensions, bookmarks and browsing history.
  • Once again. Be careful with every thing you do and make sure you fully understand what you are doing in every step.

Part 2: How To Completely Uninstall QuickTime on Mac

Apple stopped selling registration keys for QuickTime Pro version since 2016, and it become a major reason of that users hardly get satisfied with its limited features. Besides, VLC player is a great option for video playback in many aspects. Anyway, here are the detailed steps to uninstall QuickTime on your Mac (Learn How To Uninstall iTunes Mac).

Quicktime Download For Mac Os

Step 1. Type the follow command lines in Terminal:

Update Quicktime Player For Mac

Download Quick Time Player For Macbook Pro
Step 2. Enter your passcode when asked > Copy and paste the following command lines in Terminal:

Quicktime Player 7 Mac

Download Quick Time Player For Macbook Pro

How To Uninstall QuickTime Player on Mac Step 2

Step 3. Enter Next:
Step 4. Make note of the QuickTime BOM's > Remove them One by one Typing:
Download Quick Time Player For Macbook ProQuicktime

Now you may get QuickTime uninstalled on your Mac. To re-install QuickTime, go to Apple App Store, search QuickTime and re-download it on your Mac in case macOS will need some crucial components inside QuickTime. Need a masterful Mac App Uninstaller program? Get Omni Remover - Give it a try here: Free Download Now >

Omni Remover

Free Download Quicktime Player For Macbook Pro

Requirements: OS X 10.8+ , 13.1Mb free space
Version 3.2.5 (27 January, 2020) / Support macOS Catalina
Category: Mac Uninstaller

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