Download Iphone Apps On Macbook Pro

Posted : admin On 11/24/2021

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Time Tracking Pro for Mac
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Clean Text for Mac
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iDatabase for iPhone and iPad
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Clean Text for iPhone and iPad
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Self Timer for iPhone and iPad
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Download Iphone Apps On Macbook Pro 2020

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Is there a way to transfer apps from my iPhone 5 to my Macbook Pro? So I will not have to repurchase them? (e.g. I have Pages on iPhone but not Mac, would I be able to download it again for free?)

Thanks in advance

Added (1). Also, when I go into the Mac App Store, Pages is still available only for the paid price? I assumed it would just say 'Download' or something. I mean the Mac equivalent of the iPhone apps, but just wondering if I can get them free?

Download Iphone Apps On Macbook Pro

That won't work, because iPhone and MacBook Pro are using different operating systems.

The iPhone version of Pages (or any other app) will not work on the Mac. They are completely different systems and need their own version of the app. Once an app is purchased it can be re-downloaded for free but the version for the Mac can't be downloaded after purchasing the iPhone version.

No you can't get the Mac versions of iPhone apps for free. The iPhone apps are designed specifically for the iPhone. They can't run natively on the Mac as standalone applications. At any rate the Mac applications are many times more powerful and contain more features. The reason the Mac App store says a price and is not available to download is because it is not the same program as the iPhone one. You can download the iPhone one as many times as you like from the iPhone app store within iTunes. If you want Mac apps you will have to pay for them. I'm surprised this is such a big deal for you, they don't exactly charge much for them.

Download Iphone Apps On Macbook Pro 2018

Mac iPad Manager from is the best choice for Mac users who are iPhone fans.

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