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Posted : admin On 11/24/2021

iMessage is an instant messaging app developed by Apple. It is available for iOS devices only you can easily use this messaging app on your iOS device for free. As everyone knows and agree that Apple’s messaging is popular and amazing service for iOS users. These days iMessage for windows is one of the most queried subject of the internet. In this article you will find out top tricks and tricks to download and use the iMessage on your windows PC or laptop. You can checkout this full article and follow the steps to use the iMessage On Windows PC.

Apple for some reason doesn't seem to want to let us have photos sent via iMessage automatically appear in the Photos app. This might be because photos take up a lot of space and duplicating them. A new Dell feature means iPhone users won't have to look away from their computer screens in the middle of work (or of a heated solitaire game) to answer a text message. Additionally, Apple places your iMessages in the chat.db items in /Library/Messages The chat.db keeps all your iMessage data from all of your current and active message histories. TextEdit or similar programs open these chat files, and some of the everyday languages are legible. I have an older Macbook Pro and am currently using Mac OS X 10.7.5. I do not have the iMessage app on my Mac, and when I try to update my software, it says that I have the most up to date system. But I know that there is a more current version. Is there a way to download the iMessage app? (I looked in the app store and couldn't find it).

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iMessage is an awesome messaging app for iOS and MAC users. It allows you to send free SMS to your friends and family. If you don’t have an iOS or MAC device but have a windows device and you still wants to use this you can use it on your windows. You have to follow few simple steps and it allows you to use iMessage on windows PC. You can also add all your notifications on the top on your device. In this article you can get full and working step by step guide on how to use iMessage on your windows to send text, photos, and video messages to your friends.

  • Download iMessage on Windows PC Laptop

    As you know that iMessage is available only for the iOS device but you can easily use this app on your windows PC and laptop. In this article we are listing top methods and tricks to use iMessage on your PC and laptop. These methods are popular and tested on windows machine so you can easily use any of them. You have to just follow the steps to download and install the iMessage app on your windows PC.

    Method 1: Download and install iMessage app on windows using emulator

    iMessage is an app which is developed by Apple for iOS device but you can easily use this app on your windows PC using an iOS emulator on your PC. If you want to download and install the iMessage on windows PC you have to follow these simple steps given below.

    • First of all you have to download iPadian emulator app on your windows PC.
    • iPadian is an emulator which allows you to download and install any of your favorite iOS app on your windows PC.
    • After download iPadian now you have to double click on downloaded file to install it.
    • Follow the instructions and click on next.
    • At last you have to click on finish. Now iPadian iOS emulator has successfully install on your windows PC.
    • Now click on the iPadian icon to launch and open iPadian on your windows PC.
    • Next you have to search for iMessage in the search bar. It takes few times to search online so wait for it.
    • Once you got iMessage app click on download and install. Installation process may takes few time so you have to wait for it.
    • Finally you have successfully download and install the iMessage app on windows PC. Use it to send and receive message, photos, videos and others to your friends and family.

    Method 2: Download iMessage app on windows PC using Chrome remote Desktop

    As the above method is one of the most popular and working method but you can also use this method to install the iMessage app on your windows PC. You have to need a MAC OS on your windows PC to install the iMessage app so you can use this method. In this method you can get the steps to use the iMessage app on your windows PC using remote access of your MAC device.

    Note: Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access your computer to other PC via Chrome browser or Chromebook. It let you to access of all your apps and file easily and securely.

    • First of all you have a MAC with iMessage and a windows PC. If you don’t have you can’t use this method.
    • Now you have to download and install Chrome on your windows PC and MAC.
    • Next open the Chrome browser and install Chrome Remote Desktop addon on both of your device(windows and MAC).
    • After installation of this addon now you have to click on the launch button to launch Chrome Remote Desktop.
    • Next step is to download chrome remote desktop host installer on your MAC device.
    • Now you have to follow the instructions to connect your MAC with your windows PC using chrome remote control.
    • Now it generate a random code you have to use this random generate code on both of the computer to connect each other remotely. After fill the correct code it automatically connect with each others.
    • Finally you have an access of your MAC device on your windows PC. You can easily use iMessage on your windows PC.


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    by Jenefey AaronUpdated on 2020-05-30 / Update for iPhone Tips

    'I know that people who have Mac products can connect iMessage from their iPad, iPod, and iPhone to their computer so they can message people without using their handheld device. But can this feature be used on a PC? If so, how?'

    Download Ios For Macbook

    Method 1: Download iMessage App on PC Using Chrome Remote Desktop (Without Jailbreak)

    If you want to download iMessages for Windows PC with no jailbreak, just try this method. But using this method, you need to prepare a Mac and Windows PC in advance. Then follow the exact steps below:

    • Free download Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktopon your Mac and Windows PC.
    • Then download and install Chrome Remote Desktop Host on your Mac by clicking on the link provided above.

    Then follow the on-screen instruction to connect both the computers. After you can enjoy iMessage on your Windows PC and easily access your Apps and files securely and freely.

    Clearly, this method has its limitations, like, you must have both a Mac and PC for iMessage download, hence, it doesn't work for those who do not have a Mac. What if you don't have a Mac but still want to use iMessage on your Windows PC? There is a way to get fulfill your wish. Just download iPadian on your Windows.

    Method 2: How to Enable iMessages App on Windows PC With iPadian

    For installing an iOS app you will need to first install the iPadian app on your PC. iPadian is a nifty tool that simulates the interface of an iPad so that make your Windows desktop look like an iPad. With it, you are allowed to download iMessage on Windows PC. Below is what you can do to achieve it:

    • Go, then download and install the free emulator on your PC.
    • Next, search for the iMessage app in the search box of the emulator.
    • Finally, download the iMessage app on your computer.

    After you complete the installation process, you can now use this app for free from your PC with just your internet connection on.

    Method 3: Get iMessage on Windows PC after Jailbreak

    The two methods above suit those tech newbies as it is not required to perform jailbreak. For techies, we will introduce the following method. It's a little bit complicated. But, I would like point out that this methods can only be used for iMessage download under the premise your iOS devices are jailbroken. Read on How to Jailbreak iOS 10 on iPhone 7/6s/6/SE/5s Safely. If you already jailbreak your device, then you can follow the steps:

    • Download the latest iOS 11 Cydia application on your device first and install it. Cydia is an application by which application are downloaded for jailbreak devices.
    • Next, download remote message app and install it.
    • Once done, open the app and go to the setting, there you will see a toggle button hit that button and enable it. After that, you have to create a remote connection by entering username and password.
    • After creating your remote connection, open a web browser, copy the IP address and enter your username and password to complete.

    Imessage On Imac

    Extra Tips: How to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone with Tenorshare UltData

    In the above way, you can connect your iPhone and PC. But the shortcoming is using this way may lead to data loss on your iOS 11 or iOS 12 device during/after the jailbreak. If you are experiencing the data loss, we suggest you to use Tenorshare UltData(iPhone Data Recovery) to recover you lost files within a couple of clicks.

    Here is the detailed guide for you.

    So, after learning how to use iMessage on PC, I think you must know how to operate it. And what is more, you also have no worry about data loss after jailbreaking. Just trust me. Tenorshare never let you down.