Can You Download Whatsapp To Macbook Air

Posted : admin On 11/24/2021

Unlike pre-macOS Sierra versions, you can now only install apps on your MacBook Pro (running macOS High Sierra at the time of this writing) from the App Store. This not only maintains the integrity and security of your Mac, it also makes the entire installation process quick and hassle-free. Whatsapp has amazed a staggering amount of users worldwide, and recently received numerous questions regarding its installation on MAC computers (especially for the Air and Pro version). How this complex application is downloaded and installed on those computers has been the absolute topic for years!

Before exploring how to download YouTube on MacBook Air, let's start with the new Retina MacBook Air. Since the first model in 2008, MacBook Air has been develpoed in a rapid manner, with a larger 13-inch size, thinner design, sharper and clearer screen, better audio, etc. Now the new 13.3-inch MacBook Air is both lighter and thinner, featuring LED-backlit retina display, 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 2.75 pounds, all making it great to play high-quality movies thereon.

Because of the portability and stunning viewing experience of the new Retina MacBook Air, a majority of people are eager to w play DVD movies and videos on Macbook when they plan to go out for travel. Chances are some places might be lack of internet connection which may lead to YouTube playback failure. It's wiser to download YouTube on MacBook Air in advance for later offline playback.


Compared with some browser built-in plug-ins, the third party YouTube video downloading tool is more worthy of choice. Because some adware or malware will be installed inadvertently and damage your new macOS operating system when you download the plug-ins.

The Web version of WhatsApp (WhatsApp Web) allows you to use WhatsApp on your Desktop and Laptop computer. You will find below the steps to use WhatsApp Web on PC and Mac.

Use WhatsApp Web on PC & Mac

The standout feature of WhatsApp web is that it works right away on your PC or Mac, without the need to download WhatsApp messenger software to your computer.

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The drawback is that you still need a smartphone with an active WhatsApp Account, in order to use WhatsApp Web on your Windows computer or MacBook.

WhatsApp web basically duplicates or brings your WhatsApp Account from smartphone to the larger screen of your Windows computer or MacBook.

With this understanding, let us go ahead and take a look at the steps to use WhatsApp Web on PC and Mac.

1. Get WhatsApp on Your Phone

As mentioned above, you do need an active WhatsApp Account on your smartphone in order to use WhatsApp Web on PC or Mac.

If you do not yet have a WhatsApp Account, you can refer to our guide to setup and use WhatsApp on Android Phone and WhatsApp on iPhone.

Whatsapp Download

2. Visit WhatsApp

Open Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or the Edge browser browser on your computer and visit the WhatsApp’s official WhatsApp Web page.

Once you land on WhatsApp’s official WhatsApp Web page, you will see a QR Code on the screen of your computer, prompting you to scan the QR Code.

3. Scan QR Code With Your Phone

How To Download Whatsapp To Macbook Air

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone > tap on the 3-dots menu icon and select WhatsApp Web option in the drop-down menu.

2. Next, point the Rear Camera of your phone towards the QR Code located on the screen of your computer.

3. Once the QR Code appears on the screen of your phone, tap on OK, GOT IT to scan the QR Code.

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4. Start Using WhatsApp on Computer

Once the QR Code is scanned by your phone, you will immediately see your WhatsApp Account and Messages on the screen of your computer.

Now, you can start using WhatsApp on your computer, just like you do on your iPhone or Android Phone.

Advantages of WhatsApp Web

1. It is faster to type on a full scale keyboard of your computer, compared to typing on a phone.

2. Your desktop has more processing power, memory and speed compared to a phone. This allows you to send, receive and download pictures and videos faster.

3. You can download media directly to your PC, without having to worry about the storage limit.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Web

1. You still need your mobile phone with an active WhatsApp Account, unless you make use of this workaround: Use WhatsApp on PC Without Mobile Phone.

2. You may end up using data both on your phone and computer, unless you make sure that you are using WiFi Network on your phone.

3. It is not convenient to use Emoji’s as they are not mapped to your keyboard. You can still add them manually by using the Emoji keyboard available in the web interface

4. WhatsApp does not allow you to block users directly through the web interface. Also, you cannot change your profile picture or profile status while using the web interface.

5. WhatsApp Web interface does not allow you to start a new group chat or leave an existing group Chat.

6. It is advisable not to use WhatsApp Web on a public computer – Well you certainly can use it, but make sure that you Logout of WhatsApp while leaving the public computer.