Can You Download Emdless Space 2 On Old Macbook Pro

Posted : admin On 11/23/2021

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This MacBook saw many years of abuse from its previous owner, thankfully it landed into my hands and now its time is was brought back to brand new condition. However, there are reports that 2013-2014 MacBook Pro's are being bricked by Big Sur and you will need about 35GB free space plus 12.2GB to just to downloaded the Big Sur files. Before you begin. Before you install Windows, make sure you back up important files. You can use Time Machine or any other method to back up your files. For information about backing up files, see Back up your files with Time Machine and Ways to back up or protect your files. I Am currently writing this on a 2010 Macbook Pro with Intel® Core™ i5-2415M CPU @2.30GHz×4 and 8gb RAM, running Pop! It would barely run Mac Osx Lion, and could not upgrade the OS any more which meant very limited usability, it wouldn't even run the newest version of Chome.

There are two types of a problem that can be solved with a special system cleaning tool:

  • Your MacBook Pro is too slow
  • The hard drive of your MacBook Pro is constantly at its minimum

Actually, these two points depend on each other. When free space on your MacBook Pro is always on the minimal level, various types of disasters may occur. And there are different reasons why you are constantly losing space on a hard drive. But the main thing you need to know is that any disk no matter of its type, speed, and volume needs to be cleaned regularly. And that is why you need to learn how to clean a Mac Book Pro. This procedure will keep your Mac out of junk, and its speed will stay at the proper level.

And the first thing you need to start with is the space itself. You should access Apple Menu and choose Storage in the About this Mac section. In this directory, you will see the clear picture of those files and stuff that use your computer’s memory. It may be various applications and files both necessary and unnecessary for you.

What Should You Clean Up

1. Caches

The first thing you need to clean up is cache. Those files are very cunning and can occupy up to 20 gigabytes of your hard disk. And there is one way of how to clean a Mac Book Pro cache manually:

You need to follow this path first:

Can You Download Endless Space 2 On Old Macbook Pro 2020

Open the Finder → go to Library folder → Caches subfolder.

In this section, you will find all the cache files for the applications installed on your MacBook. Then you need to enter each app’s folder and clean its cache files manually.

2. Downloads folder

Due to our experience, we know that not even a half of users know how to clean a Mac Book Pro. But what is even more disturbing, most of them don’t even realize that it is important to clean the Downloads folder at least periodically. The number of files there can be really huge. What are those files there for? Nothing. It is just junk you need to get rid of. Especially those disk images. So, delete them: just go to Finder, open the Downloads folder, and type “disk image” in the search field. Then you will see all the .dmg and .iso files on the list. Delete them if you don’t need them anymore.

3. Old backups of devices in iTunes

So, what is next? If you’re a fan of iTunes, and you, probably, are, there is something you should know. The program creates copies of devices. And sometimes space those files may take raises up to 40 gigabytes! So, to get rid of them you need to access iTunes. In the Preferences section select Devices and check if the clutter on it is removed. It should be removed to iCloud to free your disk space.

4. Startup apps

Most of us, no matter if you are a Mac or PC user, love those self-starting applications. Usually, we have tons of additional apps on our computers, and some of them start automatically when the system launches. All those programs are running their processes in the background so you can’t see them. But your MacBook’s system starts slowing down very noticeably. All those scanners, synchronizations, updates, and checkers are the reason why your Mac is slow even if its characteristics are superb.

To avoid this, you need to reduce the number of apps that start along with the system and just open them when needed. So, just find those apps in the list of Startup items and remove points you don’t need.

One Useful Note

Also, there is a quicker way to clean your MacBook Pro. You need to get a special cleaning utility such as MacFly Pro, for example. It will clean your system and memory quickly and easily without any additional actions from you. As there is more than meets your eye, it is hard to clean everything manually. Lots of programs leave junk files and other trash you will never find unless you’re a pro user. But such app as MacFly Pro will do a proper cleaning job without any special skills’ requirements.

Can You Download Emdless Space 2 On Old Macbook Pro

We hope these notes will make your working process easier and faster as you can use them manually. But, if you need to get the best result or your MacBook is too full of junk, such apps like MacFly Pro are highly recommended.

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Your MacBook Pro was designed to complete a wide variety of different tasks with ease and speed. Apple is well known for leading the pack in new technological advancements and always seem to utilize cutting edge components and design in all of its products. Regardless of which model year of MacBook you might have, chances are when it was new, it was at the top of its class in function and form.

Storage is an important factor to consider with any computer. Regardless of how many nice features your MacBook Pro has, if you run out of storage, it can cause unwanted issues. Some people even believe that you can never have too much storage capacity on a computer. Your MacBook Pro came with built-in storage but depending on your model, it is possible to add more storage capacity to your computer.


Why Add More Storage?

More storage is a good thing. The more storage capacity you have on your computer, the more programs, apps, files, and data you can run and store. If you run out of storage space, you might have to delete files or programs in order to make room for new ones. While you can always place this data on something like an external hard drive, it can be a pain to run out of storage capacity on your computer.

When you reach the limits of your computer’s storage capacity, you might also start to notice issues with performance. Things can start to run slowly and freezes can occur as your computer struggles to keep everything operating effectively without enough storage to do so. By adding more storage, you can avoid these potential problems while keeping all of the files and data you wish and not having your performance suffer.

Adding Storage – Things to Consider

Can You Download Endless Space 2 On Old Macbook Pro 15

When you buy a new MacBook Pro, you usually have options for what storage capacity you want to be included on your computer. More storage costs more money so oftentimes, buyers don’t get a high amount of storage. While this cost may seem significant, the extra storage can really help with performance and other important operations on your computer so it’s always good to consider a storage upgrade if you can afford it.

Another thing to consider is that not all MacBook models can have storage added to them internally. You can always use external storage methods, which we will discuss below, but some Apple computers won’t allow the additional storage capacity to be added after the machine has been manufactured. This is another reason to get the most memory you can afford at the time of purchase.


How to Add Storage to MacBook Pro

There are several methods to gain additional storage capacity on your MacBook Pro. Some of these options are only available for certain model years and newer model MacBooks cannot actually add storage internally. The newest models come equipped with an SSD (Solid State Drive) storage which cannot be upgraded. These are the model years that can be upgraded which have and SSD:

Can You Download Endless Space 2 On Old Macbook Pro Model

  • MacBook Pro Retina 2015 or earlier.
  • MacBook Pro non-Retina 2016 or earlier.
  • If you have a different style MacBook or want to learn more about this upgrade, check out this link.

If you can’t upgrade your SSD, there are other methods to increase the storage capacity of your computer including:

1. External Storage

You can use external storage methods to add storage to your MacBook Pro. The most common way to do this is by using an external hard drive. These drives connect directly to your computer using an appropriate cable and will give you as much extra storage as you want or need. You can transfer files and data quickly and easily from your computer to this external hard drive to gain extra storage.

2. SD Cards

On older model MacBooks, you can use an SD card to gain extra memory. These cards aren’t as common as they used to be, but that means they are really cheap. If your computer has an SD card input, all you have to do is slide an SD card in and you can easily gain a couple hundred GB or more in storage capacity.

3. Cloud Storage

Another option to add storage to your computer is through the cloud. This is a good way to backup files or data and allows you to gain almost endless amounts of storage, although you will have to pay for it. One downside to cloud storage is that it can be slow to download or upload files depending on your internet speed. You can get up to 2TB of cloud storage with Apple’s iCloud and that is a considerable amount to work with.

4. Network Storage

This isn’t a very common method for increasing storage these days, but it does work and can offer an increase in storage capacity if you have another computer or hard drive laying around the house. By utilizing the storage capacity on another device, you can connect it to your MacBook pro and gain added space. The downside to this method is that you have to be on the same network as the added device so you might not be able to leave your house.

Final Thoughts

I still think that the easiest way to add storage to your computer is to start with a lot of it from the get go. This means upgrading the storage on your MacBook Pro from the time you buy it. You don’t have to go with the absolute highest amount of storage available but you should get more than the basic option. All of these added storage options will cost some money so getting more from the start is a good option.

If you don’t want to pay as much upfront, you can use any of the methods above to gain added storage on your computer. I find the easiest method to do this is an external hard drive and usually carry one with me everywhere I take my computer, just in case. It also functions as a backup for any important files or data you have.

How much storage do you have on your computer? Do you think it will be enough or will you need to upgrade?